Get Me to Mecca on Time
Season 1, Episode 16
Number (#16) in series (139 episodes)
IDOJ episode 1x16 - Get Me To Mecca on Time
Jeannie and Tony run into Achmed (Jamie Farr) a huckster in Mecca when the two traveled there for her to recite some ancient words, as required at least once by genies in orders to keep Jeannie from losing her powers.
Air date 8 January 1966
Production code 1.16
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by E.W. Swackhamer
Guest stars: Jamie Farr
Joseph Gillgoff
Felix Locher
Foster Brooks
Owen Cunningham
Alice Reinheart
Lael Jackson
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"Too Many Tonys" "The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World"

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Get Me to Mecca on Time is the 16th episode of First Season of I Dream of Jeannie, and also the sixteenth overall episode of the series. Co-written by James Allardice and Tom Adair, the episode, which was directed by E.W. Swackhamer, originally aired on NBC-TV 8 January 1966.


On the day of Ramdah masters must journey to Mecca to recite the ancient words or their genie will lose her powers and disappear. Jeannie uses her remaining power to blink her and Tony to Mecca but find they must break into a bank in order to stand in the right place.


  • Jamie Farr, who plays the part of Achmed in this episode, wasn't the only future cast member of M*A*S*H to make an appearance on the show. Mike Farrell, who played Captain B.J. Hunnicutt, also made an appearance as an Air Force major in Part 3 of the four-part story arc "Genie, Genie Who's Got the Genie (Part 4)", and Wayne Rogers, who would take over the role of Tony Nelson from Larry Hagman in the I Dream of Jeannie reunion movie.


  • As Tony goes to free Jeannie from her bottle, the picture briefly freezes indicating an edit.
  • When Jeannie summons the telephone to her, it stops ringing before she answers.


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