Jeannie and the Bachelor Party
Season Five, Episode 6
Number (#119) in series (139 episodes)
Air date 21 October 1969
Production code 5.06
Written by Dick Bensfield
Perry Grant
Directed by Hal Cooper
Guest stars:
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"Jeannie's Beauty Cream" "The Blood of a Jeannie"

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Jeannie and the Bachelor Party is the sixth episode of Season 5 of I Dream of Jeannie, and the 119th overall episode of the series. The episode, which was written by Dick Bensfield and Perry Grant and directed by Hal Cooper, first aired on NBC-TV on 21 October 1969.


Jeannie enters Tony's office to talk about going shopping for her wedding dress, but Tony says he's too busy to go shopping, but he agrees to go shopping later. Jeannie plays a trick on Tony so that when he opens Dr. Bellows' office door, he's wearing a wedding dress. When Roger and Dr. Bellows pretend that there is to be a meeting so that they can give Tony a surprise bachelor party, Tony has no idea. Hearing about the "secret" meeting, the General calls all the top brass to the real secret meeting which was supposed to take place the next day. Jeannie, made suspicious when Mrs. Bellows rings up Mrs. Schaeffer and the General himself answers, accuses Tony of lying to her. Thinking of what Mrs. Bellows said about men always lying, Jeannie disguises herself as a mannequin, but Tony convinces her there really is a meeting. Shortly afterward, the girls from the base remove the officers' coats and hats which Roger had borrowed. Tony manages to convince her he did not know, and her magic saves everyone from an awkward situation.


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