Russian Roulette
Season 1, Episode 13
Number (#13) in series (139 episodes)
I Dream Of Jeannie episode 1x13 - Russian Roulette - Tony with Sonya
Russian cosmonaut Sonya Tiomkin, who unwittingly falls into the possession of Jeannie's bottle, becoming her new master, covets one more thing, Tony.
Air date 11 December 1965
Production code 1.13
Written by Bob Fisher & Arthur Alsberg
Directed by E.W. Swackhamer
Guest stars: Paul Reed
Arlene Martel
Richard Gilden
John Beck
Joseph Azar
George DeNormand
Lael Jackson
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"Where'd You Go-Go?" "What House Across the Street?"

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Russian Roulette is the thirteenth episode of the First Season of I Dream of Jeannie, also the thirteenth overall series episode. It aired on NBC-TV on 11 December 1965. This episode reflects the times and reference to the US-USSR space race.

Short Summary

When Tony and Roger are entertaining two Russian cosmonauts, Roger inadvertently gives the female Russian Jeannie's bottle with Jeannie in it.


The Astronauts and Cosmonauts

Russian cosmonauts Posnovsky and Tiomkim arrive at Cape Kennedy for a "good will" visit.

Russian cosmonauts, Majors Tiomkin and Posnovsky arrive at Cape Kennedy to do a VIP tour of NASA, which Tony Nelson gets "volunteered" by General Barkley to do. Then one of the Cosmo's turns out to be an attractive blonde with designs on Tony. Thanks to Roger, who unwittingly carries Jeannie's bottle with him to the swanky hotel where both the NASA representatives and the Cosmonauts are lodging during the cosmonauts' visit, (thanks to Jeannie slipping into his jacket pocket) and some bottle bungling, (Roger gives her the bottle, not realizing it's Jeannie's bottle; when Tony tries to retrieve it from her, saying it's a family heirloom, and General Barkley, not wanting to offend the Russians, makes him give her the bottle with NASA's blessing) she becomes Jeannie's new Master.

Things get really whacked out, as Tony, after finding out that Major Tiomkin (she, upon meeting Tony, whom she quickly becomes infatuated with, greets him by asking him to "call me Sonya, Big Daddy!) until Jeannie can think of a way out of it. Tony meanwhile, gets a full "cold war" treatment, as Sonya, now in possession of the bottle, and Jeannie, in disbelief at seeing her slip out of her bottle when she opens it. makes Tony kick General Barkley, then Dr. Bellows, as well!

After an angry General Barkley orders Dr. Bellows to do a full medical examination on Tony as to find out why he kicked him, Jeannie finds her way to get Tony out of trouble when, the next day, first with Dr. Bellows's, in his office, she gets Bellows to kick him, returning the favor from the evening before!

Secondly, when Tony and Roger try to go to the airport to track down Sonya, who was due to fly out with Major Posnovsky that afternoon, and the plane takes off of the runway, all looks lost for Jeannie, Tony and the free world as Tony had panicked and said "You know that that bottle is in the hands of the Russians!" But, all is not completely lost, as it turns out that Sonya, through her wish through Jeannie, she is able to become what she always wanted to be: A wealthy American! Only thing is that not only she wanted to keep Jeannie and the bottle, and her new found wealth (a villa on the Riviera, mansion in Beverly Hills, and private chauffeur) she also wants Tony, too, as she offers to give him the world by marrying him!

Somehow, Jeannie is able to free herself and Tony from an unwanted marriage to the now wealthy socialite by conjuring up a "phony Tony," who is able to get her to leave the bottle behind as they "go away together!"

Tony, in disbelief at what he and Jeannie see, and asks "What's gonna happen when she finds out she's married a phony Tony?" Jeannie replies, "l do not care, Master, darling, as long as l have the real one!"


  • Tony says that even if he did marry Jeannie, he couldn't fit in her bottle but he's already been inside her bottle, when she wanted them to be undisturbed at the end of The Yacht Murder Case. (Season 1, episode 6).


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