The Lady in the Bottle
Season 1, Episode 1
Number (#1) in series (139 episodes)
I dream of jeanne eden hagman
U.S. Air Force CAPT Anthony "Tony" Nelson meets his "Jeannie" for the first time in the series premiere episode "The Lady in the Bottle" at the start of Season 1.
Air date September 18, 1965
Network NBC-TV
Country/Language USA / English
Production code 1.1
Written by Sidney Sheldon
Directed by Gene Nelson
Guest stars: Philip Ober
Karen Sharpe
Don Dubbins
Baynes Barron
Joe Higgins
Richard Reeves
Warren Kemmerling
Patricia Scott
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N/A, Series pilot "My Hero?"

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The Lady in the Bottle is the first episode of the First Season of I Dream of Jeannie. Directed by Gene Nelson, the episode, which was written by series creator Sidney Sheldon, made its world premiere on NBC-TV on September 18, 1965. 


When a space mission goes off course, astronaut Captain Tony Nelson finds himself deserted on a tropical island. There, he finds a gorgeous 2,000-year-old bottle on the sand and he unwittingly releases the beautiful genie named Jeannie.


American astronaut Tony Nelson splashes down near a deserted island and finds a bottle that contains a beautiful genie named Jeannie but until he wishes it, she can only speak Arabic. After helping him get rescued he sets her free, but she prefers to come home with him. Besides she is very much in love with her handsome master and she will grant his every wish or desire no matter how much trouble he gets in. Jeannie becomes jealous when she learns Tony is engaged to Melissa, the General's daughter and does anything to break them up.


  • NASA's uniforms are brown in version color and DVD.
  • At the end of the episode Jeannie breaks the fourth wall by deliberately looking into the camera and blinking.


  • Jeannie can't speak English at first but seems to understand what Tony says.
  • When Tony ushers the officers out of his home, the position of Dr. Bellows changes between shots.


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